Ripple Junction

In 2023, I spent two semesters as a Creative Intern at Ripple Junction preforming a variety of roles. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with a great number of iconic and recognizable licenses to design unique and fun apparel to be sold at both physical and online retailers.

Into The Unknown - Over the Garden Wall
You Have Beautiful Eyes - Over the Garden Wall
Biollante Overgrowth - Godzilla
King Caesar - Godzilla
Regina Collage - Mean Girls
It's October Third - Mean Girls
The Death Sandwich Advertisement - Regular Show
The Park - Regular Show
Surfing Skeleton - Pabst Blue Ribbon
Hotdog JPEG - King of the Hill
Lawn Care Hat - King of the Hill
Opening Shot - Jaws
Alternate Concept
Alternate Concept
Beach Closed - Jaws
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
CM Punk - WWE
Seth Rollins - WWE
Poster Hat - Scream
Intro Space - The Twilight Zone
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